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Hostels Abondance

Hotel le Mont Jorat

1 étoile  
Total capacity: 22 rooms
Near the Portes du Soleil and Lake Geneva, the center of Abondance. We welcome groups, families, hikers, bikers, skiers in winter. We organize your events: baptism, birthday, communion, meals classes...
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Hotel les Touristes

2 stars  
Total capacity: 15 rooms
Les Touristes is an hotel situated in the center of an old Savoyard estate, perched at an altitude of 1000 meters. There we have cultivated the art of good receiving since three generations. Liliane...
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Hôtel Le Ferraillon

3 étoiles  
Total capacity: 24 rooms
Our hotel and restaurant 'Le Ferraillon', in the heart of Portes du Soleil in the Abondance Valley, will know how to fill you with happiness on your next mountain holidays.  You will leave...
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Hostels Vacheresse

Hôtel Au Petit Bonheur

not classified  
Total capacity: 8 rooms
This small, family-style hotel and restaurant is nestled in the heart of a small, mountain-pasture village in Vacheresse. Simone will have the pleasure of giving you a warm welcome. All year long, come...
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