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Geocaching in the vallée d'Abondance


The geocaching is a hunt game which use the GPS coordinates. The participants use the GPS points to find the way and the geocache.

The geocaching takes place in the villages of the Vallée d'Abondance : Abondance - la Chapelle d'Abondance - Châtel - Vacheresse- Bonnevaux. 
There are about 150 geocaches hidden along the Valley.

Website: http://geocaching.sites.valdabondance.com/

Organisers : « Les montagnards 74 » and valdabondance.com. Free contest.

How to participate: 
To participate is very easy!
- Registration on 
geocaching.com if you don't have already an account.
- Go to the website of the contest to know the GPS coordinates of the geocaches.
- To lookk for the geocaches.
- To write your passage on the notebokk (=logbook) which is in the cache.
- To register the dicovered geocaches on geocaching.com

The winners list will be publicated on the website and a prize-giving will take place in October (date and place to define).